SINGAPORE, July 14 – DHL Express, the global leader in international express services, is accelerating its commitment to sustainable operations by introducing 24 electric vans to its last-mile delivery fleet in Jakarta and Bandung. With these new additions, DHL Express will eliminate 177 tons of carbon emissions annually, furthering its contribution to climate protection. The deployment of these electric vans underscores DHL Express’ dedication to transforming its operations towards a more sustainable future.

Currently, the company already operates four electric vans and six electric bikes in Jakarta and Surabaya. John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express, highlights the significance of reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector, which accounted for almost 24.9% of Indonesia’s total carbon emissions in 2021, according to the Climate Transparency Report. Recognizing the logistics industry’s pivotal role in the economy, Pearson emphasizes the responsibility to reduce carbon footprints and emphasizes DHL’s commitment to taking action and collaborating with like-minded partners to achieve sustainability targets.

Ken Lee, CEO of DHL Express Asia Pacific, emphasizes the company’s focus on cleaner and greener operations. From loading planes to route planning, DHL Express is dedicated to integrating sustainability into all processes. The expansion of the electric vehicle (EV) fleet in Indonesia, coupled with the introduction of the GoGreen Plus service that enables customers to reduce carbon emissions through insetting, demonstrates significant progress in DHL’s sustainability efforts.

Ahmad Mohamad, Senior Technical Advisor of DHL Express Indonesia, views the introduction of the new electric vehicles as just the beginning of their sustainability journey. In the coming years, DHL Express plans to continue transitioning its fleet to electric vehicles and expanding their availability to other cities. Additionally, the company will invest in other low-carbon solutions such as e-trucks and solar panels for its facilities across Indonesia.

As outlined in its Sustainability Roadmap, Deutsche Post DHL Group is committed to investing a total of EUR 7 billion until 2030 in measures to reduce CO2 emissions. This includes electrifying 60% of the last-mile delivery fleet across the Group. With the introduction of these 24 electric vans in Indonesia, DHL Express is spearheading sustainable logistics in the country, showcasing its dedication to mitigating environmental impact and shaping a greener future for generations to come.

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