GEORGE TOWN, July 18 – Loh Xiang Pin, or better known as Priyankaa, 26 years old was raised in a Malaysian-Indian family from Bagan, Penang. She is a tuition teacher at a school in Italy and teaches online. She is fluent in Malay, English, Mandarin, Hokkien, and Tamil. Hence, she is often referred to as “The Malaysian Woman” because of her mixed heritage. A graduate in Early Childhood Education from UNITAR International University, education is a topic close to her heart. She believes that a fair and inclusive education system is crucial for the progress of a nation.

To bridge the education gap, she has organized free tuition classes for underprivileged students in Penang. She hopes to ensure that the education gap among Malaysian children, especially those in Penang, can be narrowed down. Being raised by a mother who cares for orphaned children, advocating for the welfare of the underprivileged is something she has always fought for. She has witnessed firsthand the shortcomings of the orphanage system in Penang.

Therefore, if chosen by the people of Pantai Jerejak, she will ensure that all orphanages receive sufficient support and welfare. After all, their future is also the future of Malaysia. Priyankaa entered the world of politics for the first time by joining the MUDA Party. Recognized by the top leadership of MUDA, she was appointed as the Parliament Chief for Bagan and the Education Bureau Chief for MUDA Penang.

She believes that education is the ladder to Malaysia’s progress and calls on all Malaysians to fight for the national education system. Furthermore, she also aims to ensure that every orphanage in our country receives adequate welfare. Let us all serve Malaysia for our future. Priyankaa Loh hopes to gain the support of Malaysians in her struggle in the State Elections, especially from the people of Pantai Jerejak

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