BAYAN LEPAS, July 19 – The Penang State Government has announced its plans to establish the first Snooker and Billiard Academy Center in the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia. The academy center will be located in a 7,500 square foot building in Bayan Baru, South West District, adjacent to the Olive Tree Hotel. YB Soon Lip Chee, the Penang Youth and Sports EXCO, expressed his enthusiasm for this development, highlighting the center’s significance in promoting the sustainable growth of Snooker and Billiard sports in the state.

The establishment of the academy center aims to ensure the excellence and continuity of the development efforts for young athletes in the field. “The Penang State Government, through the Penang State Sports Council (MSNPP), is dedicated to enhancing the broader development of Snooker and Billiard sports to produce more world-class athletes in this discipline,” said YB Soon Lip Chee. He emphasized that the state government has consistently prioritized sports development in Penang, with a particular focus on providing quality training facilities for state athletes.

The creation of the Snooker and Billiard Academy Center intends to foster the sport from grassroots to elite levels, nurturing young talents who can bring pride and honor to the state and the nation. Penang has already produced notable athletes in Snooker and Billiards, including Moh Keen Hoo, Lim Kok Leong, and Thor Chuan Leong, who have achieved remarkable success at the international level, including winning world championships. Tuan Harry Chai Heng Hua, the director of the Penang State Sports Council (MSNPP), revealed that an application has been submitted to the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) to secure financial grant assistance for the center.

The requested funds will be used to upgrade the electrical and mechanical systems, as well as to acquire high-quality snooker and billiard sports equipment. “While awaiting approval from the KBS, MSNPP will provide an initial allocation of RM300,000.00 for the interior design works,” stated Tuan Harry Chai Heng Hua. Dato’ Tan Cheong Heng, Chairman of the Penang Billiards and Snooker Association (New), expressed his appreciation to the Penang State Government and MSNPP for their efforts in establishing the training center.

He acknowledged the center’s role in nurturing talented snooker athletes and enabling them to compete at the national and international levels. The establishment of the Snooker and Billiard Academy Center in Bayan Baru represents a significant step toward further developing the sport in Penang. It reflects the state government’s commitment to providing athletes with the necessary resources and infrastructure to excel in their chosen disciplines. With the academy center, Penang aims to produce more skilled snooker athletes who can proudly represent the state and bring glory to the nation on the global stage.

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