KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 – Get ready for a month of excitement as IKEA Damansara marks its 20th anniversary with a series of fantastic activities and deals! Since opening its doors on 14 August 20 years ago, the iconic blue store has become a beloved shopping destination for Malaysians, and now it’s time to celebrate this milestone with the community. To honor this significant occasion, IKEA Damansara has prepared a plethora of fun activities and exclusive offers for its customers, starting from 14 July and culminating in a grand celebration on 20 August.

Malcolm Pruys, Country Retail Director for IKEA Malaysia, expressed his gratitude for the love and support the store has received over the years, emphasizing the importance of customer inspiration in shaping their journey.The celebration kicks off with the unveiling of a colossal replica of the MAMMUT children’s chair – a timeless classic that has brought joy to families since its introduction in 1993. To keep the excitement going, IKEA Damansara will host a variety of in-store arts and crafts activities for children, inspired by the iconic chair.

These activities will take place at IKEA Småland every weekend until 20 August, free of charge. The 20th-anniversary celebration also includes exclusive weekly product offers for IKEA Family Members, featuring popular IKEA items like the GRÅSALA Table, MATCHSPEL Gaming Chair, NISSAFORS Trolley, and more. These fantastic discounts will be rolled out in phases from 14 July to 20 August at IKEA Damansara and Cheras. For those feeling nostalgic, IKEA Damansara will highlight IKEA products that were available in 2003 when the store first opened and are still available today.

It’s a perfect opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and see how your favorite IKEA items have evolved over the years, with special offers on select products. The month-long celebration will culminate on 20 August with a grand anniversary celebration at IKEA Damansara. The event promises to be a day of excitement, with live music, drumline percussion, live food sampling hosted by IKEA Food, drawing and coloring sessions, musical chairs, and more. The celebration is open to the public, so don’t miss the chance to join in and celebrate 20 years of IKEA Damansara!

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