Kenshi Yonezu, the acclaimed Japanese singer-songwriter, has released his new single “Tsuki Wo Miteita – Moongazing” digitally, which serves as the theme song for the highly anticipated video game “FINAL FANTASY XVI.” Alongside the release of the single, Yonezu has also unveiled the cover art for the song, which he created himself. “Tsuki Wo Miteita – Moongazing” was written specifically for “FINAL FANTASY XVI” and took three years to complete, aligning with the development of the game.

The song reflects the epic story of the game and adds depth to its immersive experience. The cover art, also designed by Yonezu, features Torgal, the wolf companion of the game’s main character, Clive Rosfield, gazing directly at the viewer. The artwork captures the imagination and sets the tone for the song and the game. Fans can enjoy the song alongside the release of “FINAL FANTASY XVI,” which became available on June 22. The “FINAL FANTASY” series is renowned worldwide for its cutting-edge visual technology, captivating narratives, and unique universe.

With over 173 million units and downloads sold to date, the series celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2022 and continues to captivate gamers globally with its latest installment, “FINAL FANTASY XVI.” Kenshi Yonezu, known for his versatile talents, gained recognition initially as Hachi with a series of Vocaloid tracks before establishing himself under his real name. Since then, he has become a highly regarded creative figure, excelling not only in music but also in album cover illustrations and music production.

Yonezu’s music video for his hit song “Lemon” holds the record as the most-viewed music video in Japan. The track dominated Billboard Japan’s year-end charts for two consecutive years, leaving a significant impact on the music scene. His album “STRAY SHEEP,” released in 2020, surpassed 2 million units in sales. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Yonezu remained productive and engaged, participating in a virtual concert hosted by the popular online game Fortnite and collaborating with global brand UNIQLO on their UT collection.

He has received numerous accolades, including the AAC Award and Best Newcomer, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Art Department Prize, and a place on Forbes’ list of 100 Asian Digital Stars. Furthermore, Yonezu’s opening theme song for the anime series “Chainsaw Man,” titled “KICK BACK,” achieved a remarkable milestone by entering Spotify’s Global Top 50, becoming the first-ever achievement by a Japanese artist. 

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