KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 – The prestigious Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) has secured its place as a leading specialist hospital in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC), ranking at an impressive 30th position on Newsweek’s Best Specialized Hospitals APAC 2023 list. This recognition places IJN ahead of numerous other specialist hospitals in the region, establishing it as a top-notch healthcare provider in Malaysia. The Best Specialized Hospitals APAC 2023 list, a joint effort by Newsweek and global market research firm Statista R, aims to identify the top specialty hospitals in six medical fields across nine APAC countries, including Malaysia.

To determine the rankings, over 8,000 medical professionals, encompassing doctors, nurses, therapists, and healthcare administrators from the designated APAC countries, were surveyed. The recommendations of these experts were complemented by Joint Commission International (JCI) certifications, which contributed to the final scoring analysis. “We are thrilled to receive this prestigious accolade, especially as we move forward with our vision to become a flagship smart hospital, continuously elevating heart healthcare and patient outcomes,” stated IJN’s Chief Executive Officer,

Datuk Dr Aizai Azan Abdul Rahim. “Our expansion plan includes a new multidisciplinary facility with 120 beds and premier facilities, set to be completed in 2026.” With its inception in 1992, IJN has garnered a global reputation for its cutting-edge heart treatments and unwavering commitment to patient safety. The centre currently houses 433 beds, 8 invasive cardiac laboratories, 9 operating rooms (including a hybrid operating theatre), 10 dialysis beds, and a dedicated wellness and sleep centre.

Adopting a preventative health approach, IJN boasts over 70 consultation clinics, offering a wide range of specialties beyond cardiology, such as clinics for diabetics, smoking cessation, respiratory services, and paediatric and congenital heart disease care. The recognition doesn’t end there, as IJN recently received “Best Digital Health Service Provider of The Year” at the 23rd PC.com Awards for its pioneering use of technology to enhance patient care.

Furthermore, the centre was honoured at the GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Awards 2023, securing five accolades, including Cardiology Service Provider of the Year, Paediatric Cardiology Service Provider of the Year, Diabetes Service Provider of the Year, Emergency Care Service Provider of the Year, and Most Innovative Hospital of the Year in Asia-Pacific. “These remarkable achievements are a testament to our exceptional team’s dedication to excellence and innovation in providing top-class care to our patients.

We are steadfast in our commitment to continually strive for improvement and are heartened by the support we have received,” added Dr Aizai Azan. As IJN remains focused on delivering outstanding healthcare, its accomplishments serve as inspiration to the medical community and patients alike.

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