KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 – The Taiwan film “Me and My Racing Dad,” which combines rally racing, family bonds, friendship, and inspiration, had its international premiere at the 6th Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) on the evening of the 28th. The movie received enthusiastic responses from audiences, with tickets selling out quickly after their release. Lead actors Wen Shenghao and Chen Zeyao (Ah Zhe) flew to Kuala Lumpur to interact with an audience of two hundred at the cinema. Fans were emotionally moved by the film, with many praising its touching storyline.

The movie, featuring Wen Shenghao and Chen Zeyao (Ah Zhe) as the main characters, was invited to be the closing film of the 6th Malaysia International Film Festival, making it the first Taiwanese film to receive this honor in the festival’s history. The organizers praised the film, stating that it takes audiences on an emotional journey exploring the complex relationship between father and son. The compelling story goes beyond the adrenaline-pumping rally scenes, emphasizing resilience, perseverance, and the value of never giving up on one’s dreams.

The film is a powerful testament to never surrendering in a world where dreams face challenges. Both Wen Shenghao and Chen Zeyao (Ah Zhe) made appearances at the closing screening on the 28th and interacted with the audience. Many viewers were moved to tears by the heartwarming plot. Wen Shenghao shared his thoughts on portraying Zhou Dalong, saying, “In the film, Zhou Dalong suddenly finds a child who enters his life. From being a clueless father to becoming a navigator for Ah Jun, the two roles complement each other, filling the gaps in his life. It’s a process of growth.”

Chen Zeyao (Ah Zhe), who is a real-life racing driver, expressed excitement when he received the script. He mentioned that his previous roles were more introverted and heavy, making this character a challenge to take on. He said, “Although my acting career seems smooth, I’ve been through a lot. The experiences of this character are not something I encounter in real life, so I relied on writing a diary to immerse myself in Ah Jun’s world. I’m grateful to Shenghao ge (older brother) for guiding me on set and helping me believe in myself both on and off-screen.”

The film includes heartwarming scenes between the two lead actors and child actress Chen Shaohui. The trio humorously described themselves as a “family of three,” with Zhou Dalong as the father and Ah Jun playing the role of a mother-like figure. Chen Zeyao jokingly referred to himself as the “stepmother.” They continued to engage the audience with their playful banter, creating a joyful atmosphere. During the event, Wen Shenghao appealed to the audience to promote the film on social media, expressing his hope for a sequel where they could feature even more racing scenes.

He jokingly said, “Just like in the movie, from video games to karting, and now to rally racing, the next step would be Formula 1.” After the screening, the two actors were surrounded by enthusiastic fans who requested autographs and photos, making it difficult for them to leave and showcasing their immense popularity in Malaysia. Eight Years After Returning to Malaysia, Wen Shenghao Takes on the Role of a Tourist Chen Zeyao Becomes the Host, Treating Wen Shenghao to Local Delicacies: “Next time, he can be my navigator in Taiwan”

As Wen Shenghao’s visit to Malaysia was a rare occasion, Chen Zeyao (Ah Zhe), who is a Malaysian himself, acted as the host, taking him to experience the most authentic local delicacies, including chicken wings, devil fish, Indian pancakes, and coconut water. After not visiting Malaysia for seven or eight years, Wen Shenghao still had a vivid memory of the fusion of cultures in Malaysia and longed for its delicious food. He was extremely excited to revisit the country. During their trip, many passersby recognized him, and he warmly greeted them, taking pictures and interacting with fans.

Chen Zeyao mentioned that Wen Shenghao was curious when he saw the snake fruit at a roadside fruit stall and wanted to try it. As snake fruit is not found in Taiwan, he was eager to taste it. Chen Zeyao said, “He has a daring spirit!” Wen Shenghao likened the taste of the snake fruit to Taiwanese pineapple, with a slightly bitter and astringent flavor, but still unique. Later, Chen Zeyao took Wen Shenghao to try the king of fruits, durian, saying, “How could you come to Malaysia and not eat durian?” He made the perfect host and jokingly said, “This time, I’m showing Wen Shenghao around. Next time, when we go to Taiwan, he can be my navigator.”

The Taiwanese film “Me and My Racing Dad,” a first-of-its-kind combination of rally racing, family bonds, friendship, and inspiration, will be released in Malaysia on September 21st. The film follows the story of a young boy, Zhou Yudong (played by Chen Shaohui), who loses his mother and is reluctantly raised by his estranged father, Zhou Dalong (played by Wen Shenghao). Dalong had divorced his wife before Yudong was born and was living a life of struggle, relying solely on his job as a security guard. Unexpectedly, he takes on the role of a father and experiences clashes with his son.

However, a talented racer named Ah Jun (played by Chen Zeyao) enters their lives and becomes the bridge that brings father and son together, helping them find warmth in each other’s embrace. Ah Jun also carries his own past that he avoids confronting, and the movie portrays how he gains the strength to return to the racing track. To prove himself to Yudong and in response to his son’s expectations, Dalong decides to team up with Ah Jun and take on the rally racing challenge, bravely embarking on a new journey in his life.

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