GOMBAK, August 3 – Rafizi Ramli, the Deputy President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), exudes optimism as he believes that Pakatan Harapan (PH) will eventually conquer Kelantan. Speaking at the Jelajah Madani event in DUN Sungai Tua on Sunday, Rafizi expressed his conviction that the people of Kelantan would not be able to endure the burden of water issues and persistent unemployment forever. “One day, we will win in Kelantan. I am confident that if not now, we will triumph in the upcoming elections.

“It is impossible for the people to endure ‘Starbuck’ water (murky water) for another five years. Kelantanese cannot bear to live in hardship while witnessing the numerous job opportunities available in Selangor. All the young people from Kelantan are residing in Selangor, and their parents have to wait for election time to see them,” he remarked. Rafizi believes that one day, the reality of the situation will become evident to the people of Kelantan. However, when the Perpaduan Government takes over Kelantan, we will inherit a dire state with heavy debts and require significant investment to develop the state.

“If we take over now, I am confident that we can gradually make changes, even if it is challenging,” he added. He emphasized the importance of debates in enlightening the people. They say that the Perpaduan Government failed to manage the economy and lacks economic direction. If that’s true and you think you are so clever, come and debate with me. If you believe you are so wise, come and debate,” he invited.

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