BAYAN LEPAS, August 5 – A transformative vision for education and digital empowerment was unveiled by Priyankaa Loh, the MUDA candidate for N36 Pantai Jerejak, as she presented her comprehensive manifesto aimed at enriching educational opportunities and fostering sustainable living infrastructure in the district.

A Commitment to Education at All Levels

At the core of Priyankaa Loh’s manifesto lies a strong commitment to education at all levels. The Educon program will take center stage, offering a diverse array of educational and lifelong learning opportunities for the residents of Pantai Jerejak. From early childhood development to adult education and training, the program will cover traditional subjects and cutting-edge fields such as coding, data analytics, and AI technology. Collaboration with industry leaders will ensure that citizens are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in a digital future.

Holistic Development: Nourishing Minds and Bodies

Understanding the importance of holistic development, Priyankaa Loh’s manifesto addresses the nutritional and mental health needs of the district. By expanding free or low-cost meal programs in schools, the initiative ensures that no child goes hungry during the school day, ultimately enhancing their focus and academic performance.

Moreover, to promote the overall well-being of the district’s residents, the manifesto advocates for increased on-site counselors and mental health resources in schools, especially in underprivileged areas. Priyankaa Loh recognizes the significance of fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for the young minds of Pantai Jerejak.

Sustainable Living Infrastructure

Priyankaa Loh’s manifesto emphasizes the need for sustainable living infrastructure in the district. Addressing the pressing need for adequate vehicle parking, the initiative proposes the construction of additional car parks in strategic locations. This will alleviate parking-related issues and enhance convenience for motorists in Pantai Jerejak. Additionally, exploring the possibility of multi-level parking facilities forms part of the commitment to smart and sustainable urban planning.

Enhancing Public Transportation

The manifesto outlines plans to improve public transportation accessibility in Pantai Jerejak. Increasing the number of bus stops and extending bus routes in areas with high demand from students and workers will enhance the overall travel experience for residents. Encouraging the use of digital wallets for bus and public transportation fares will contribute to a seamless and efficient transportation system.

Public Safety and Security

In the realm of public safety, Priyankaa Loh’s manifesto focuses on enhancing policing and street security in the district. Measures include increased patrols and the potential establishment of a local police post to ensure a swift response to incidents. The installation of panic buttons at key pedestrian areas aims to enhance safety and provide immediate alerts to local police stations in case of emergencies.

A Vision for Progress and Empowerment

The manifesto launch, accompanied by a Media Conference, showcased Priyankaa Loh’s passion and dedication to uplifting Pantai Jerejak. Her all-encompassing approach to education and infrastructure highlights her vision for progress and prosperity, prioritizing the well-being and empowerment of the district’s citizens.

As the election day approaches, the residents of Pantai Jerejak eagerly anticipate embracing a brighter and more promising future under Priyankaa Loh’s ambitious manifesto, which sets the course for growth, learning, and digital empowerment in the district.

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