TAIPEI, TAIWAN, August 10 – SMART Modular Technologies, a division of SGH and a global leader in memory solutions and solid-state drives (SSDs), announces that its DC4800 data center SSDs have been accepted as an OCP Inspired™ product by the Open Compute Project (OCP). This recognition highlights SMART’s commitment to meeting the stringent specifications set by OCP and signifies the efficiency, openness, impact, and scale of its DC4800 SSDs. The DC4800 SSDs from SMART represent a new class of high-performance, power-efficient data center storage solutions.

These PCIe Gen 4 SSDs have been designed to comply with the OCP NVMe data center storage standards and are available in U.2 and E1.S form factors, offering capacities of up to 7.68TB. Andy Mills, Senior Director of Advanced Product Development at SMART, emphasizes the significance of OCP-compliant SSDs in the data center and enterprise storage applications. He states, “The Open Compute Project represents a truly cooperative venture in leading innovation within the technology industry, and we are proud that our DC4800 product has now joined the ranks of OCP Inspired products.”

Designing the DC4800 SSDs to OCP’s standards ensures that enterprise-class data center SSD users benefit from enhanced features and specifications. These OCP-compliant SSDs surpass basic NVMe standards by incorporating incremental management, LED indicators, and other form-factor-related requirements. This level of standardization contributes to the overall efficiency and standardization of data center servers and equipment that utilize OCP-class SSDs.

The DC4800 SSDs feature a specialized hardware-accelerated SSD controller that minimizes power consumption while maintaining exceptional storage input/output (I/O) performance. This unique architecture enables the SSDs to operate at peak performance levels without thermal-induced throttling, even under demanding workloads. As a result, the DC4800 SSDs offer improved power consumption per server and deliver consistent latency performance, ensuring reliable operation up to 99.99999% of the time.

The Open Compute Project Foundation plays a crucial role in fostering the development of open solutions and shaping the future of enterprise computing solutions. By investing in strategic initiatives and promoting collaboration, OCP prepares the IT ecosystem for advancements in technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sustainable data center solutions. To learn more about the Open Compute Project, visit

SMART’s designation of the DC4800 SSDs as an OCP Inspired™ product reinforces its position as a leading provider of advanced data center storage solutions. With their high performance, power efficiency, and adherence to OCP standards, the DC4800 SSDs are well-suited for hyperscale, hyper-converged, enterprise, and edge data centers, empowering organizations with reliable and scalable storage options.

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