AMPANG, August 12 – Perikatan Nasional President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin criticized the coalitions within the national unity government for their inability to improve the lives of Selangor residents. He made these remarks during his coalition’s final campaign event ahead of the state election scheduled for today. Muhyiddin expressed his disappointment that despite the coalitions being in power at the federal level for the past eight months, there have been no noticeable improvements in Selangor.

“Despite being in government, not a single statement has been issued that has alleviated the hardships faced by the people of Selangor,” he emphasized during the event held in Ampang. Muhyiddin’s statement comes as the nation eagerly anticipates the results of the state election, which will determine the makeup of Selangor’s state government for the coming term. The election campaign has been marked by intense efforts from various political parties to secure the support of the voters.

As the campaigns conclude and the people prepare to cast their votes, the comments from Muhyiddin reflect the challenges and tensions that often arise during political campaigns, especially when parties aim to sway public opinion in their favor. The outcome of the election will ultimately determine the leadership that will guide the state’s policies and initiatives in the near future.

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