KUALA LUMPUR, August 15 – Maxis, a renowned telecommunications provider, has unveiled its long-awaited 5G-enabled postpaid plans, marking a significant leap forward in connectivity for its customers. The announcement comes following the recent signing of a 5G access agreement with Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB), paving the way for enhanced digital experiences.

The new range of Maxis Postpaid Plans with 5G data offers customers a variety of options to choose from, tailored to meet their varying data needs. Starting from just RM79/month, customers can enjoy not only substantial 4G and 5G base data but also bonus 5G data ranging from 40GB to 100GB, depending on the selected plan. Here’s a breakdown of the new Maxis Postpaid Plans with 5G data:

  1. RM79/month – 80GB 4G/5G + Bonus 40GB 5G
  2. RM109/month – 100GB 4G/5G + Bonus 50GB 5G
  3. RM139/month – 120GB 4G/5G + Bonus 60GB 5G
  4. RM169/month – 150GB 4G/5G + Bonus 75GB 5G
  5. RM199/month – 200GB 4G/5G + Bonus 100GB 5G

While the plans offer a variety of data allocations, the base 5G data provided in each plan ensures customers can tap into the immense potential of 5G connectivity, enhancing their digital interactions and experiences. For existing customers seeking to embrace 5G, Maxis presents an attractive proposition. By switching to the new 5G-enabled plans, customers can benefit from significantly more data compared to their current plans.  For instance, the upgraded Maxis Postpaid 109 offers a substantial 150GB for 5G, comprising 100GB 4G/5G data and a bonus 50GB 5G data.

This transition empowers customers to enjoy 2.5 times more data, with only a slight increase of RM11/month. Maxis recognizes the importance of flexibility for customers, offering existing Postpaid customers the opportunity to experience 5G for free during the first month by activating the 5G pass through the Maxis app. Subsequently, the Maxis 5G pass is available for RM10/month. However, for those seeking a sustained 5G experience, migrating to the new 5G-enabled plans is recommended, as it provides enhanced data benefits at a minimal additional cost.

The introduction of these plans not only signals Maxis’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge connectivity solutions but also showcases their dedication to providing exceptional value and experiences for their customers. To fully utilize 5G services, customers need a 5G-enabled smartphone, be located within Digital Nasional Berhad’s 5G coverage area, and subscribe to a compatible 5G-enabled plan. As the digital landscape evolves, Maxis continues to play a pivotal role in shaping Malaysia’s connectivity journey.

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