SUBANG, August 17 – The aircraft that crashed near a residential area in Elmina, Section U16, Shah Alam, claiming 10 lives, has been identified to have deviated from its original landing path. Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, stated that this information is based on initial observations so far. However, he mentioned that the actual cause of the incident is still under investigation and the mission to search for the aircraft’s black box is actively ongoing. “Based on initial observations, the aircraft was found to have deviated to the right from the landing path.

“The aircraft had been given permission to land, but three minutes later, the control tower (Subang Airport) observed smoke rising from the accident site,” he said during a press conference on Thursday. He added that the flight investigation process is being activated at the accident site. Therefore, the public is advised not to speculate. Meanwhile, Selangor Police Chief, Datuk Hussein Omar Khan, confirmed that all the victims of the accident were not in a complete state. At least 10 victims have been confirmed to have perished in the private jet aircraft tragedy.

The victims include eight passengers and crew members of the aircraft, along with two members of the public who were coincidentally present at the accident site – a motorcyclist and a car driver. The Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) confirmed that they did not receive any distress calls or ‘Mayday’ signals. The aircraft took off from Langkawi International Airport at 2:08 pm and was granted permission to land at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. However, it crashed two minutes before landing.

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