KUALA LUMPUR, August 22 – Aneka Jaringan Holdings Berhad (“Aneka Jaringan” or the “Group”), a specialist in basement and foundation construction, has announced a notable increase in revenue, reaching RM41.2 million for the third quarter ended 31 May 2023 (“3Q FYE2023”), as compared to RM37.5 million in the corresponding quarter of the previous financial year (“3Q FYE2022”). During the quarter under review, the Group showcased a remarkable financial turnaround, reporting a gross profit of RM1.5 million, a significant improvement compared to the gross loss of RM4.2 million recorded in 3Q FYE2022.

Additionally, the Group’s loss after tax (“LAT”) was notably reduced to RM2.9 million, demonstrating improved financial performance, as compared to RM7.7 million in the corresponding quarter of the preceding year. For the nine months ended 31 May 2023 (“9M FYE2023”), Aneka Jaringan achieved a total revenue of RM137.1 million, compared to RM121.1 million in the corresponding period of the previous financial year (“9M FYE2022”). The Group’s gross profit made an impressive turnaround, registering RM1.0 million compared to the gross loss of RM11.0 million during the corresponding period. Moreover, LAT for the nine-month period narrowed to RM11.8 million from RM19.3 million.

Pang Tse Fui, the Managing Director of Aneka Jaringan, expressed cautious optimism about the Group’s future performance in the upcoming financial quarters. He highlighted their successful venture in securing new projects, with a total value of RM304.9 million. Of this amount, RM193.3 million in projects were secured since the last interim quarterly report. Pang emphasized the Group’s commitment to timely project execution as they focus on continued growth.

Additionally, PT Aneka Jaringan Indonesia (“PTAJI”) has been meeting growth expectations and has made a positive contribution to the overall performance of the Group. As of 3Q FYE2023, Aneka Jaringan’s total order book stands at RM95.2 million, with Malaysian operations accounting for RM88.9 million and Indonesian operations contributing RM6.3 million. With a robust order book and promising growth prospects, Aneka Jaringan remains determined to excel in the construction industry while delivering on its commitments to clients and stakeholders.

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