GEORGE TOWN, August 23 – The Super League match between Penang and Kedah Darul Aman at the City Stadium here was marred by an incident of fighting between supporters of both teams after the match ended on Tuesday night. The incident occurred outside the stadium and is believed to have been provoked by tensions between the two groups before the shoving incident occurred. The atmosphere grew increasingly tense as both groups began to act aggressively, culminating in a violent clash that sparked a commotion near the Kedah supporters’ bus parking area.

In a viral 1 minute and 42-second video, a group dressed in all black, believed to be Penang supporters, can be seen exchanging provocative words before getting into a physical altercation with the rival team’s fans. In the 20th match of the Super League held last night, the home team suffered a 1-2 loss to their neighbors. Fadzrul Danel opened the scoring for Kedah in the 7th minute, while Lubanan’s Soony Saad equalized in the 32nd minute. A strike from outside the penalty box by Moses Atede in the 96th minute added to the disappointment of the Penang FC team, ultimately giving the victory to the Kedah team.

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