KUALA LUMPUR, August 23 – Pos Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia’s premier postal and parcel service provider, in collaboration with the Penang Hill Corporation (PHC), has unveiled Commemorative Stamps and a First Day Cover to commemorate the Penang Hill Railway Centenary Celebration. This celebration marks a significant milestone for the Penang Hill Funicular. Since its inauguration on October 21, 1923, this unique mode of transportation has welcomed over 47 million visitors. This impressive number comprises both local and international tourists, as well as residents and nearby communities, all drawn to experience the allure of Penang Hill.

Distinguished as the sole one of its kind in both Malaysia and Southeast Asia, the Penang Hill Funicular proudly stands as a unique and iconic landmark. The launch event, hosted at Penang Hill, was graced by the presence of YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow, the Chief Minister of Penang, and attended by YB Tuan Lim Guang Eng, Former Chief Minister of Penang and Penang State Assembly representative for Air Putih. The event was further enriched by the participation of several VIP guests, including YB Dato’ Mohd Sayuthi Bin Bakar, the State Secretary of Penang, YB Tuan Wong Hon Wai, Penang State EXCO for Tourism and Creative Economy, YBhg Dato’ Cheok Lay Leng, General Manager of Penang Hill Corporation, Ms. Fiona Liao, Group Chief Marketing, Communications & Sustainability Officer of Pos Malaysia Berhad, and Ismahari Alwi, State General Manager of Pos Malaysia Penang, among others.

Ms. Fiona Liao, Group Chief Marketing, Communications & Sustainability Officer of Pos Malaysia Berhad, expressed her delight at the launch, stating, “The introduction of these special edition commemorative stamps and the first day cover for the Penang Hill Railway is a testament to our shared commitment to preserving our nation’s heritage and celebrating its progress. We are extremely thrilled to encapsulate the history of the Penang Hill funicular and its role in uniting generations within our stamps and first day cover, as they serve as a powerful reminder of our resilience and dedication to progress.”

“Just as the Penang Hill funicular has endured for a century, Pos Malaysia, with a heritage spanning over two centuries, continues to evolve, embracing new challenges and opportunities while staying true to our core mission of fulfilling our mandate to the rakyat. In every stamp issued, every parcel delivered, and every community served, Pos Malaysia remains steadfast in its purpose to build trust in connecting lives and businesses for a better tomorrow,” she added. YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow, the Chief Minister of Penang, praised the celebration’s essence and the collaboration between PHC and Pos Malaysia.

He remarked, “The celebration has been elevated through a remarkable collaboration between PHC and Pos Malaysia, dedicated to preserving our heritage and sharing the story through the art of philately. The special edition Commemorative Stamps and First Day Cover of Penang Hill Railway stand as one of the main highlights of this centenary celebration.” “This collection proudly displays a beautiful design and represents a remarkable set of items, including three differently designed funicular stamps, a first-day cover, a miniature sheet, a postcard, and a folder. It captures and symbolizes the significant moments of the Penang Hill Railway’s century-long journey,” he emphasized.

The primary artwork on the stamps showcases the three distinctive generations of the funicular: the first-generation wooden funicular that operated from 1923 to 1977; the red and white second-generation funicular that operated from 1977 to 2010; and the single-track third-generation funicular, which has been in operation since 2011 and continues to serve today. These limited-edition Commemorative Stamps and First Day Cover sets are available both online and at selected post offices across Malaysia starting from August 22, 2023, with a price of RM64.20 for each complete set. The items available include:

  • First-Generation Stamp Sheet: RM6.00 (RM0.30 x 20 stamps)
  • Second-Generation Stamp Sheet: RM12.00 (RM0.60 x 20 stamps)
  • Third-Generation Stamp Sheet: RM26.00 (RM1.30 x 20 stamps)
  • First Day Cover with Stamp: RM2.70
  • First Day Cover with Miniature Sheet: RM5.50
  • Miniature Sheet: RM5.00
  • Postcard: RM1.00
  • Folder: RM6.00

This commemorative collection serves as a testament to the rich heritage of Penang Hill Railway and its role in connecting generations, and it’s an opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to own a piece of this remarkable history.

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