KUALA LUMPUR, August 24 – Pacific Senior Living (PSL), an emerging brand in senior residences that offers state-of-the-art assisted living, independent living, and senior day-care, celebrated its debut in Malaysia in conjunction with World Senior Citizen Day. This grand celebration showcased the company’s commitment to redefining senior care and marked a significant partnership with Columbia Asia, a renowned healthcare provider. The collaboration aims to deliver top-notch senior healthcare services to residents of Pacific Senior Living in Malaysia.

The event, which took place at The Starling Mall from August 16 to 20, brought together a diverse audience to celebrate the spirit of seniors and highlight PSL’s dedication to enhancing healthcare services for senior citizens. This partnership sets a new standard for senior care, empowering senior citizens with access to high-quality medical facilities and services to ensure their well-being and peace of mind. In addition to this momentous occasion, World Senior Citizen Day was given special significance this year as PSL pledged to transform it into an annual tradition, ensuring the continuous celebration of senior citizens’ wisdom and contributions every 21st of August.

Emphasizing PSL’s core values, the theme for this year’s celebration was “Silver Stars,” which will be retained in future celebrations to build a strong and recognizable brand identity. Contrary to prevailing perceptions, the current aging situation in Malaysia offers a unique perspective, portraying the silver years as a period of profound fulfillment and abundant joy. Carl Nicholas Isaac, Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Senior Living Sdn. Bhd., stated, “We are delighted to celebrate this significant occasion with our esteemed partners and the public. World Senior Citizen Day is a joyous celebration of our treasured Silver Stars – the seniors who have enriched families and society throughout their lives.”

“At Pacific Senior Living, we embrace and honor their wisdom, profound love, and enduring legacy. This special day serves as a reminder to value the remarkable journeys they’ve embarked upon and the stories that have shaped us and continue to contribute to their learnings till today. We unite to create a nurturing community, ensuring their next exciting and fulfilling chapter of life is filled with comfort, dignity, and joy in alignment with our promise of ‘Joyous Living’ for our residents,” he added. The unveiling of Pacific Senior Living on World Senior Citizen Day also underscores our unwavering dedication to providing unparalleled care and fostering a holistic living experience for our treasured future senior residents.

This marks the commencement of an exciting transformative journey, one that we embark upon hand in hand with our esteemed partners from Columbia Asia. Together, we remain committed to delivering senior healthcare of the highest quality, ensuring accessibility and excellence,” he added. Dr. Ramnan Jeyasingam, Medical Advisor of Pacific Senior Living Sdn. Bhd., remarked, “Our dedication to enhancing senior care goes beyond words, and our actions reflect our commitment. At PSL, we are focused on providing comprehensive, accessible senior healthcare of the highest quality. As we embark on this journey, we understand the significance of integrated care that prioritizes not just physical health but also holistic well-being.

The thoughtfully designed facilities within Pacific Senior Living echo this philosophy, offering a nurturing environment that supports residents as they embrace the next phase of life with vitality and grace. The attendees enjoyed a captivating all-day itinerary, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone present. Throughout the day, attendees participated in various engaging activities tailored to seniors, encouraging camaraderie and community bonding. Additionally, complimentary blood pressure and BMI checks were provided for seniors, promoting proactive health monitoring and well-being among residents. The event also marked the soft launch of PSL’s highly anticipated senior living community, Acacia, located in the heart of the Royal City of Klang. Acacia stands as PSL’s premier and pioneering senior living residence in Malaysia.

Exquisitely designed by industry experts, it focuses on holistic well-being and rejuvenation that extends beyond the tangible benefits. The purpose-built property comprises 136 accommodation units offering various stay options and durations, ensuring there’s an ideal fit for everybody. This state-of-the-art senior living residence is poised to redefine senior care and promote a profound sense of belonging. The successful unveiling of Pacific Senior Living on World Senior Citizen Day was met with enthusiasm and appreciation from attendees and partners alike.

This memorable event marked the beginning of a new era for senior living, where comprehensive care, innovative facilities, and a warm, supportive community are seamlessly integrated to create an unparalleled living experience, offering residents the first choice in joyous living. At Pacific Senior Living, the focus is on providing a vibrant and fulfilling experience for residents, aiming to create a warm and welcoming community where individuals can embark on a brand-new adventure and live their best life.

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