TAIPEI, August 25 – Jeff Chang, renowned for his golden voice and chart-topping hits, has released his heartwarming 2023 track “South Wind” which serves as the theme song for the upcoming film “My Racing Dad.” Chang’s latest song, which instantly captured the hearts of music enthusiasts and secured the top spot on KKBOX’s Taiwanese daily charts, perfectly complements the touching narrative of the movie. Chang treated his fans to a live rendition of the chorus during his “Ideal Scoundrel” concert, showcasing his exceptional vocal prowess. He later responded humorously to the news of his song’s success, saying, “I appreciate the support from all my brothers and sisters.

Jeff Chang will continue to use his voice to warm everyone’s hearts. The song is available on all major digital platforms worldwide.” The official music video was also uploaded to Jeff Chang’s YouTube channel yesterday. When invited to contribute his voice to the film’s soundtrack, Chang took the initiative to immerse himself in the project. Upon initially hearing the song, he was deeply moved, but he went even further to understand its role as the movie’s theme song. He watched the film to ensure that when he entered the recording studio, he could fully convey the emotions and story it carried.

The movie, “My Racing Dad,” was filmed in Chang’s hometown of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and revolves around the theme of father-son relationships. The singer was profoundly touched by the setting and storyline, stating, “Since the movie was filmed in Kaohsiung, everything about the song, including the lyrics and melody, resonated with me. It’s particularly meaningful for someone like me, who worked far from home.” While his new song brought tears to the eyes of many fans, Chang disclosed an intriguing method he used to maintain his composure during recording sessions.

“I approach recording like using a color palette. First, I allocate emotions to different parts of the song. Then, I decide on the tone and expression I want to use, turning the recording process into a ‘coloring’ session. So, by the time I’m in the studio, I’m already in the ‘color palette’ mode.” Through his new song, Chang aims to provide strength and warmth to his listeners. He expressed his deep appreciation for family bonds, saying, “This song is about family and hometown. I hope this song can evoke feelings of nostalgia for those who have left their hometowns to work elsewhere.

And I also hope that despite busy work schedules, people can make time to call their families and hear each other’s voices.” On a lighter note, the music video for “South Wind” was shot on a vast grassland, where the blazing sun made the shooting challenging. Chang jokingly remarked, “The sun was extremely enthusiastic, shining with 100% intensity and brightness on me. Even though my eyes were squinting from the dazzling sunlight, I’m grateful that the weather held up until the shooting was completed as scheduled.”

“My Racing Dad” is set to premiere in Malaysia on September 21, 2023. The film stars Wienshen Hao, Ray Chan, and Shaowei Chen and is the first in Taiwan’s cinematic history to blend rally racing, themes of family, friendship, and inspiration. The release of the film’s trailer has already moved numerous viewers to tears, prompting Chang to enthusiastically recommend it, saying, “After watching the movie’s preview, it brought back many memories of my past with my family.

The actors are all skilled performers, and their acting skills combined with the cinematography will undoubtedly touch your hearts.  I encourage everyone to watch it in theaters with their family and friends.” Following the release of his latest single, fans have eagerly anticipated Jeff Chang’s upcoming album. Addressing their anticipation, he finally revealed, “The album is already in progress, and I’m very excited about it myself.”

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