SHAH ALAM, August 29 – The government has opened applications for funding through the People’s Facility Initiative (IKR) as an effort to assist the public through the improvement of small public infrastructure. Economic Minister Rafizi Ramli said that IKR is a new initiative to streamline the application process for small-scale public infrastructure projects under RM200,000 directly to the ministry. According to him, the permitted scope of small projects includes drains, sewers, roads, bridges, footpaths, slopes, cliffs, gabions, fortifications, sports arenas, playgrounds, children’s playgrounds, and recreational facilities.

“In addition, open halls, community halls, bus stops, school assembly roof decks, mosques, surau, and madrasah are also within the scope of IKR,” he said in a statement on Monday. On June 20, Rafizi allocated RM500 million through IKR to benefit at least 2,500 public facility projects throughout the country. He said it was a federal government aid aimed at democratizing government funds to finance the implementation of small-scale public infrastructure projects located under the jurisdiction and responsibility of state governments and local authorities.

Rafizi added that there are three benefits to be gained: first, to complete small-scale public infrastructure projects that have a direct impact on people’s use. “Second, to expedite the repair of public infrastructure and resolve insufficient allocations at the local authorities. In addition, third, to help small contractors across the country benefit economically from small projects,” he said. He clarified that the applications would be assessed by the Ministry of Economy and submitted to the relevant agencies before the allocation is disbursed.

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