GEORGE TOWN, September 11 – On Malaysia’s National Day, two outstanding Malaysian youths have been internationally recognized with the prestigious “2023 World’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons” award by the Junior Chamber International (JCI). This dual honor is indeed a momentous cause for celebration. Dr. Khaw Juan Shong and Ainsley Lee have achieved the remarkable distinction of being named among the world’s top young achievers. 

Dr. Khaw Juan Shong, renowned for his exceptional contributions to medical innovation, and Ainsley Lee, acknowledged for her significant work in children’s welfare, world peace, and human rights, are the 14th and 15th Malaysians to receive this prestigious award. Ainsley Lee’s achievement is particularly noteworthy as she is the third female recipient in Malaysia. Both these exceptional individuals had previously been recognized among Malaysia’s Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians (TOYM).

Dr. Khaw Juan Shong, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer and R&D Director of CCB Medical Devices Sdn Bhd, shared his thoughts with the Malaysian News Agency (Bernama). He emphasized that this accolade not only reflects his personal accomplishments but also stands as a testament to Malaysia’s significant contributions in the field of medical technology and manufacturing. Born in Penang, Dr. Khaw pursued his studies in Medical Engineering in the United Kingdom. Upon his return to Malaysia, he devoted himself to the advancement of research and the commercialization of medical devices. 

Over the past five years, Dr. Khaw’s research team has made impressive strides in the development of respiratory and cardiovascular medical devices. These innovative products have found their way to more than 100 countries, ultimately benefiting over 10 million patients worldwide. Dr. Khaw underlined his commitment to the future of medical innovation. “Receiving this award strengthens my commitment to the field of medical innovation. I believe that innovation is the driving force behind the development of the healthcare industry.  Only through continuous innovation can we provide more effective and reliable medical solutions to patients,” he stated. 

His future plans include a focus on bolstering basic research, the development of groundbreaking medical technologies, expediting product development, reducing costs to enhance affordability for a wider range of patients, and fostering international collaboration to promote Malaysia’s medical technology on the global stage.

Meanwhile, Ainsley Lee, aged 37 and hailing from Johor, expressed her unwavering dedication to nurturing future leaders equipped with character and leadership qualities through innovative education. Her aim is to make a positive impact on society’s sustainable development. “This award represents recognition of the efforts and dedication of educators. It also motivates me to continue relentlessly pursuing excellence, innovation, and creating positive impacts. I would like to express my gratitude to my parents for their nurturing, and I would like to dedicate this award to my late mother in heaven; I hope she can see it,” said Ainsley Lee.

After completing her Master’s degree in Business Administration in Australia, Ainsley returned to Malaysia and founded Artivo Creative Academy. She created the PEACE ART creative teaching model, which has been at the forefront of character education for children and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) education. Artivo now has 16 branches nationwide. Since 2017, she has impacted the lives of over 133,000 individuals, both locally and internationally.

The World’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on November 18th at the 2023 JCI World Congress in Zurich, Switzerland. Notably, since its inception in 1983, this prestigious award has seen 15 Malaysians honored. Over the past three years, two Malaysians have been recognized annually, underscoring the increasing international attention and recognition of Malaysian youth achievements.

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