SINGAPORE, September 11 – Rhenus, a leading global logistics specialist, is fortifying its foothold in the Latin America (LATAM) market through strategic measures aimed at enhancing its service offerings and tapping into the region’s burgeoning potential for globally interconnected supply chains. The company has revealed its acquisition of BLU Logistics, headquartered in Colombia, and the acquisition of a majority shareholding in the LBH Group, thereby strengthening its presence in the region and reaffirming its commitment to global supply chain connectivity.

Tobias Bartz, CEO and Chairman of the Rhenus Group, stated, “Our strategic acquisitions enable us to further reinforce our global network and service portfolio in the LATAM region, where there’s a growing demand for logistics services, particularly in the e-commerce sector. Additionally, the region’s proximity to the North American market creates a robust environment for nearshoring, aligning perfectly with our growth strategy. Together with BLU and LBH, we are creating a unique position to provide our customers and teams with the value of a family business, offering a strong presence in key markets to secure more resilient global supply chains.”

Rhenus Group already had a substantial presence in LATAM, with operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. Their recent acquisitions extend their geographical coverage, including BLU Logistics’ presence in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Ecuador, as well as port agency services in Latin America. LBH’s operations span Colombia, Brazil, Panama, Curacao, and several Central American countries. This expansion complements Rhenus’ leading position in the Asia-LATAM corridor, bolstered by BLU’s robust trans-Pacific freight forwarding network.

The move not only allows Rhenus to expand its activities seamlessly but also enables BLU to reach European and Indian trade lanes, leading to substantial growth in customer offerings and cross-selling opportunities. David Kassin, formerly associated with BLU Logistics, will lead Rhenus Air & Ocean LATAM as CEO. The majority share acquisition in the LBH Group propels Rhenus into the Latin American, Asian, Australian, and African markets as a globally oriented port agency with operations in 24 countries worldwide and alliances in seven additional countries. Rhenus intends to acquire 100 percent of the shares in the next few years as part of the deal.

Both parties have a long-standing cooperative relationship based on trust. Bert Lagendijk, Managing Partner of the LBH Group, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “We’re looking forward to growing our business successfully with our trusted partner Rhenus becoming a permanent part of our future plans.” The founders of LBH, Bert Lagendijk, and his brother Jan Lagendijk, will initially remain active to explore future growth opportunities. The acquisition of BLU Logistics is subject to approval from Colombian antitrust authorities.

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