KUALA LUMPUR, September 12 – CloudMile, a prominent AI and cloud technology company in Asia specializing in corporate digital transformation, has announced an impactful partnership with MongoDB. This collaboration will integrate MongoDB’s cloud-native developer data platform, MongoDB Atlas, with CloudMile’s services, enhancing CloudMile’s corporate clientele’s ability to develop scalable and secure enterprise-grade applications on Google Cloud.

The strategic partnership between CloudMile and MongoDB delivers an advanced developer data platform to CloudMile’s corporate customers. MongoDB Atlas, coupled with Google Cloud, provides developers with the necessary tools to build robust applications efficiently, ensuring speed, scalability, and security. In the era of data-driven business, effective data management is pivotal. CloudMile and MongoDB’s partnership addresses the challenges related to data silos and query speeds. This collaboration equips businesses with a contemporary, intuitive, and integrated developer data platform that offers comprehensive insights into customer behavior, product trends, and operational efficiency.

The integration of MongoDB Atlas and Google Cloud BigQuery enables customers to enhance their operational data and elevate end-customer experiences. MongoDB Atlas efficiently manages real-time operational applications, handling thousands of concurrent sessions with millisecond response times. These subsets of data are then replicated to BigQuery, enabling complex analytics, aggregation, and machine learning applications. Asia’s mobile gaming market is on a robust growth trajectory, boasting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3 to 5%. Recognizing this trend, CloudMile and MongoDB’s partnership has already facilitated a prominent Taiwanese gaming company in reducing maintenance and operational costs.

This move enabled the gaming company to concentrate on innovative product development. The combined efforts of CloudMile, MongoDB Atlas, and Google Cloud services expedited deployment while fulfilling scalability requirements without compromising performance or availability. The partnership’s impact on the gaming industry streamlines data synchronization, providing game developers with a unified platform accessible through a single API. In addition, MongoDB Atlas, with its robust security and data protection features, ensures data continuity and resilience. This is vital in maintaining a seamless gaming experience without downtime.

Patrick Wee, Country Manager for Malaysia at Google Cloud, emphasized the significance of collaboration in the digital transformation landscape. “CloudMile, MongoDB, and Google Cloud are fundamentally committed to breaking down data silos and ensuring that our customers can securely harness the power of data from any source, in any location, and on any platform,” Wee stated. Lester Leong, Country Manager of CloudMile Malaysia, expressed excitement about the partnership’s potential. He highlighted MongoDB’s capabilities in horizontal scaling and load-balancing, a vital aspect of developer flexibility.

Leong expects the collaboration to foster growth and new opportunities. Simon Eid, Senior Vice President of APAC at MongoDB, echoed the sentiment, affirming the partnership’s value in accelerating product development and enhancing customer experiences. The CloudMile-MongoDB alliance marks a significant milestone in the digital transformation landscape, fostering innovation, credibility, and customer trust while driving growth and success for both companies.

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