KUALA LUMPUR, September 14 – The northern region of Malaysia is experiencing a surge in the popularity of Maxim E-hailing services, leading to an interesting analysis of the top five booming northern cities where Maxim E-hailing is making its mark. Sungai Petani – Taking the top spot is Sungai Petani, a city in the Kuala Muda district of Kedah. It’s one of the largest cities in Kedah and boasts a thriving economy, including high-profile factories, making E-hailing a preferred mode of transportation.

Georgetown, In second place is Georgetown, a city with a rich historical heritage that serves as the core of Malaysia’s history. The city’s ancient charm attracts both locals and international tourists. Alor Setar, The capital of Kedah and the second-largest city after Sungai Petani, Alor Setar secures the third position on the list of booming cities for Maxim E-hailing. Ipoh, Capital city of Perak, Ipoh takes the fourth spot. Situated by the Kinta River, Ipoh residents are increasingly using Maxim E-hailing for meal and food deliveries.

Taiping, In fifth place is Taiping, a city located slightly northwest of Ipoh. Known for its lush greenery and abundant rainfall, Taiping offers the perfect opportunity for Maxim E-hailing services, especially during the wettest weather, ensuring comfortable rides. During the analysis, it became evident that the most popular choice among users of the Maxim app is its E-hailing service. With trip prices starting as low as RM3 in Sungai Petani, it’s an incredibly affordable option. The competitive pricing has made Maxim E-hailing a preferred choice among users of E-hailing services.

Mohd Hazwan Musley, the Director of Maxim E-hailing, expressed his gratitude, stating, “Every day, our service thrives to expand throughout the entire country, including every corner. It simplifies passenger transportation, saves time with its delivery service, and offers a phenomenal experience to be associated with Maxim E-hailing.”

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