PUTRAJAYA, September 16 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim stated that Malaysia’s ongoing efforts in distributing the Quran are a crucial idea for the understanding of Islam and elevating the dignity of the nation. Speaking at the Solidarity Million Quran Waqf event here on Friday, Anwar, who is also the Finance Minister, said that Malaysia responded to the incident of Quran burning in Sweden by distributing the sacred book to that country. He also stressed that addressing Islamophobia abroad should be done through education and understanding of Islam and the Quran.

“This is the way (distribution of the Quran) and I believe there must be an improvement in understanding among Muslims and non-Muslims. “What has happened is a conflict, not based on knowledge but ignorance, a clash of ignorance,” he said. On January 27th, Anwar announced that Malaysia would print a million copies of the Quran as a symbolic and mature response to attacks on Islam, such as the burning of the Quran in Sweden. Meanwhile, Anwar said that the publication, printing, and translation of the Quran currently carry a significant message about the ability to interpret the holy book so that it provides guidance.

He also emphasized that the concept of “Madani” that he introduced is an essential element in the understanding of Islam in this country. “I have tried to express this in ‘Madani,’ although it encompasses issues of the state, governance, economic sustainability, including benevolence and trust, but the issue of moral values becomes a specific core for religion, especially the Quran,” he said. Madani is based on six principles: Sustainability, Welfare, Innovation, Respect, Confidence, and Benevolence. Today, he launched three containers of the Quran which will supply 30,000 copies of the Quran and English translations, along with Chinese translations, to three countries: Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.*

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