GEORGE TOWN, September 16 – Today, on September 16, 2023, marks 60 years since the formation of Malaysia as an independent, sovereign, and democratic nation. Truly, September 16 is a sacred date that should serve as the foundation for all citizens, regardless of race, religion, or ideology, to continue to appreciate, understand, and commemorate the history of the unification of the Peninsula, Sabah, and Sarawak into a sovereign nation. Since then, Malaysia’s journey has been filled with challenges and a vibrant tapestry of achievements, all underpinned by the unity of its diverse population.

This unity is the key held by the current Unity Government in nurturing the present generation to understand the roots of history and the struggle to build a nation. In line with this year’s Malaysia Day theme, “Malaysia Madani: Unity Determination Fulfils Hope,” the longstanding bond of unity has made us ‘Malaysia’ – unique, yet united despite our differences. For the state of Penang, we will continue to move forward, driving the achievement of the Penang2030 Vision: A Smart and Green State Centered on Family-Inspired Values, relying on our national spirit and whole-hearted commitment through careful planning and sustainable development.

Everything planned today is for the sake of ensuring our state’s competitiveness and stability in the future. At the same time, it is crucial for us to safeguard the existing unity by further enhancing the spirit of nationalism towards the state and Malaysia, and by rejecting any threat from extremist elements that could disrupt the governance, welfare, and security of all citizens. Know that only with the prosperity and security of all can conflicts be avoided. In the past 15 years, the Penang State Government has successfully attracted more than RM200 billion in approved manufacturing investments.

Not stopping there, the State Government has also strengthened human capital development, providing a conducive work environment and competitive job opportunities, and allocating an annual injection of over RM146 million to schools in the state.  All these achievements have become a reality thanks to the trust and mandate given by the people of Penang to the Penang State Government. The State Government’s momentum may not have been as smooth without the strong support of the people in every policy and activity organized.

It is hoped that this momentum and strong support will continue to flourish within each of us, thereby coloring the meaning and spirit of our beloved nation’s independence. Today, in conjunction with Malaysia Day, for Malaysia and for Penang, let us together create a progressive, inclusive, and functional future based on the Malaysian Constitution and the principles of the Rukun Negara, while also cherishing the history of the formation of an independent nation under one flag.

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