GEORGE TOWN, September 18 – Today, we gather to discuss Penang World Cleanup Day 2023, a momentous occasion that unites individuals, organizations, and partners in a shared commitment to a cleaner and greener Penang. World Cleanup Day is a global movement that transcends borders and brings together millions of volunteers from 191 countries. It’s a day when people worldwide unite to combat waste and pollution, driven by the common goal of creating a waste-free planet. Our efforts are not just for ourselves but for the benefit of future generations.

This year, Penang is proud to host its cleanup event on September 30th, in conjunction with the global World Cleanup Day on September 16th. Our initiative aligns seamlessly with Penang2030, a vision that aspires to build our state as a “Family-focused, Green, and Smart State that Inspires the Nation.” Our mission for Penang World Cleanup Day is clear – to bring together the corporate sector and industries to champion environmental sustainability. The Penang Green Council, with the invaluable support of key partners including Penang City Council (MBPP) and Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP), spearheads this event.

Waste management is a critical issue globally, and Penang faces its own set of challenges. We generate approximately 1.04 kg of waste per capita daily, leading to the disposal of a staggering 2,300 tonnes of waste daily at our Pulau Burung landfill. This waste comprises recyclables, organic materials, and non-recyclable items, posing a significant environmental challenge. In response to this issue, the Penang State government implemented the Waste Segregation at Source Policy in 2017. This policy urges individuals, institutions, and businesses to segregate waste into general and recyclable categories.

Additionally, Penang initiated the No Free Plastic Bag Campaign in 2009, followed by campaigns against single-use plastics, aimed at reducing plastic pollution and promoting responsible environmental practices. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is gaining prominence, emphasizing corporate responsibility. The environment takes center stage in ESG discussions, emphasizing the urgency of taking real action to protect and conserve our planet.

Through Penang World Cleanup Day, we aim to raise ESG awareness, encouraging industries and the corporate sector to adopt responsible practices and contribute to a sustainable future. The success of Penang World Cleanup Day hinges on our sponsors, corporate partners, and stakeholders who play pivotal roles in achieving our mission. Protecting the environment and conserving biodiversity are shared responsibilities, and together, we can ensure the sustainability of our planet. Every Penang citizen also plays a crucial role by participating in cleanups and refraining from littering.

In conclusion, our heartfelt thanks go out to the Penang Green Council, our partners, sponsors, and all individuals who have embraced this endeavor. Actions indeed speak louder than words, and together, through our collective efforts, we can make a substantial difference. Let us eagerly anticipate Penang World Cleanup Day with enthusiasm and unwavering determination to create a cleaner and greener future for all. Thank you.

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