CYBERJAYA, September 18 — The Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (Content Forum), an industry forum and self-regulatory organization dedicated to promoting responsible and ethical content, has raised serious concerns regarding recent news coverage of the Elmina tragedy. This coverage featured graphic descriptions of the victims and the distressing state in which their bodies were discovered. The Elmina tragedy, which occurred on 17 August 2023, involved a tragic plane crash resulting in multiple casualties and injuries.

While this incident itself was undoubtedly devastating, the subsequent reporting by several news outlets contained excessive and unnecessary graphic depictions, leading to distress and concern among readers and industry professionals. The Content Forum firmly upholds the pivotal role of journalism in delivering accurate information while demonstrating respect for the individuals involved, their families, and their loved ones. It is imperative for media organizations to strike a delicate balance between providing essential details and exercising compassion when reporting on incidents of this nature.

Recognizing the challenge of reporting on sensitive topics like this, where numerous fatalities and injuries are involved, we also understand the importance of relaying pertinent information to the public, including details provided by rescuers and officials on the circumstances surrounding recovery or discovery. However, media outlets must exercise editorial discretion by considering the consequences of graphic descriptions on readers and the affected individuals and their families. Responsible reporting entails providing accurate information while avoiding sensationalistic elements to maintain the utmost respect for the dignity and privacy of the victims and their loved ones.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the ethical responsibilities entrusted to members of the press. The Content Forum urges journalists and news organizations to prioritize empathy and compassion alongside the pursuit of truth. As an organization actively promoting ethical reporting practices, the Content Forum calls for adherence to the Content Code and other relevant codes of conduct to ensure accountability and the prioritization of ethical journalism standards. In today’s era of rapid information sharing, it is crucial for members of society to exercise discretion when choosing their sources of news.

Opting for publications that emphasize responsible and empathetic reporting can contribute to fostering a more compassionate and community-driven society. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance for social media users to exercise sound judgment and empathy when disseminating or reposting information related to this tragedy and others like it. Just as responsible journalism is crucial, prudent content sharing also plays a pivotal role in fostering empathy and encouraging ethical discourse. We advise social media users to consider the potential consequences of their posts on the individuals and families impacted by tragic incidents.

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