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Pocket News is an Independence News and Photo Agency which is the Leading Media Industry Solutions in Malaysia Providing News Wire, Editorial Images, Public Relations and Event Management that practice Professional Ethics to Maintain Focus on Quality with Content on General News, Breaking News, Events, Featured, Fashion, Festivals, Human Interest, Politics, Press Conference, Sports and So on at Home and Aboard. 

Pocket News which had Rebranding from its Original as an Online News Portal into News and Photo Agency now offered Daily Article Posts in English using Latest Web Technology to Deliver the News and Images to our One Thousand Six Hundred (1,600) Unique Visitors Daily,  Thirteen Thousand Six Hundred (13,600) Monthly Unique Visitors, Thousand Five Hundred (9,500) Page Views Daily, Sixty-Five Thousand (65,000) Page Views in 7 Days, Nine  and Three Hundred Thousand 300,000 Page Views Monthly.

We Understand that the Core Value and Efficiency therefore we are Committed to Deliver the Highest Quality and Experience to Clients from Professional Image Buyers, Photo Agency, Non-Photo Agency, News Agency, Non-News Agency, Publications, Web Portals, Magazines, Broadcaster, Commercial, Non-Commercial, Government Organisation, Non-Government Organisation, Bloggers, Vloggers and to Individual Customers affirming Our Commitment to Best Serve to the Needs of Different Customers. 

Pocket News had been Established in December 24, 2013 which Founded by JohnShen Lee and Rachel Yeap with a Vision that Seeks to Provide the Right Content for all Readers with Utilising Our Own Resources giving you Greater Opportunities to have Your Content Seen and Licensed Around the World. Pocket News is Currently Fully Managed by JSC Studio, which is Registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

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