Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



1.0 – What is Pocket News?

Pocket News was established in December 24, 2013 as an online news that offers daily news covering current News at Home and Abroad including Breaking News, Entertainment, Events, Featured, Fashion, Festivals, Human Interest, General News, Politics, Press Conference, Sports and views in English with the slogan of ‘The News of Today’. 

Pocket News had cease its operation starting from 1st of January 2019 after 5 years of operation cause of the challenging financial problem faced by Pocket News. We are reviewing, restructuring our company direction and operation to make sure our news operation are able to sustain with that.

 Pocket News has relaunched its platform called Pocket News is an independence news and photo agency that practice professional ethics to maintain focus on quality news and provide our news content for all our clients. Pocket News – News Agency which had begin operation since 1st January 2019.


1.1 – Who Owns Pocket News?

Pocket News which is property of JSC Studio (Reg No.: 02367326-V) with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) and JohnShen Lee him self as the Founder of Pocket News.


1.2 What Is New On Pocket News Images?

We’ve added new user-user-friendly interface at Media Center with better search features, browsing experience and multi display of thumbnails and/or list with the ability of multiple sorting options for better search results.

User with subscription can now easily download the press release, articles and stories anytime from any screen with bulk download capability and assign downloads to cloud drive or servers. (For Subscription Users only)


1.3 – What Type of Content is Available on Pocket News Images?

Pocket News Agency Portal distribute millions of press release, articles, stories and information from Pocket News and various Content Partners is constantly updated includes various categories from Breaking News, Editorial, Entertainment, Events, Featured, Fashion, Festivals, Human Interest, General News, Politics, Press Conference to Sports.


1.4 How Is Pocket News Information Distributed?

Pocket News Agency distribute information via online data mining systems have emerged as a result of applications requiring analysis of large amounts of correlated and high-dimensional data produced by multiple distributed data sources which will be view via World Wide Web & Mobile.


1.5 – How do I Get Pocket News Images to Cover My Event?

You can send us an email including the details of your event at [email protected]. We will arrange our photographer and try to cover your event that we feel is relevant to our clients.


1.6 – Do Pocket News Accept Columnist?
Yes! We do accept columnists in English, Malay or Chinese. Then send us a sample to [email protected]

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