Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



2.0 – What Web Browsers are Supported?

Pocket News Portal only works with the Web Browser Versions listed below. If you do not have these versions installed, please do upgrade. 

Microsoft Windows

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and above
  • Google Chrome 19 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 13 and above

Apple MacOS

  • Google Chrome 19 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 9 and above
  • Apple Safari 5 and above


It is also advised that you clear the cache to ensure that the site’s functionality works correctly after updating your browser version.

To Clear the Cache:

  • Internet Explorer: Ctrl+F5
  • Firefox/Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+Del (PC) / Shift+Cmd+Del (Mac)
  • Safari: Alt (Option)+Cmd+E


2.1 – How do I access Pocket News Portal?

For browsing Pocket News content, you may go to to download content, you are require to register for a user account. 

Once you have an account, click on Media Center at right in the top navigation to access to the login page. Once you’re done, you may just click at My Account on the menu bar then select Sign Out.


2.2 – I’ve Forgotten my User Name and/or Password?

Click Media Center at right in the top navigation, then click Forgot Your Password? Below the Sign In button. Enter your email address, then click Submit. Your password will be emailed to you shortly.


2.3 – What if I close the Web browser before Signing Out?

Your sign in session is persisted, so you are automatically directed back to the Pocket News site without needing to sign back in.


2.4 – How do I Perform a Search?

Enter the keywords in the Search Box. As you enter keywords, the suggestion will be appear in the Search Box. If your search is related a suggestion, you may select from the precision search. Otherwise, continue typing your keywords. 


2.5 – Others Way to Find Content?

You can browse through our content by Pocket News. The great and latest content may link to a landing page or search results. You may search for content based on category, such as Editorial or Sports or Specific Event.


2.6 – I Found an Item that I Like. How do I View More Detail?

If enabled via the search results, you may move the mouse over the items thumbnail and click into it to view more details about the item.


2.7 – How can I Sort/Group my Search Results?

Click the Sort Menu to Sort By:

  • Relevance: View the most relevant items first, regardless of the time.
  • Newest: View the latest and most relevant items first.
  • Oldest: View the oldest and mot relevant item first.


2.8 – Why Can’t I see Multiple Search Pages?

By Default, the page is set to quickly load more content as you scroll down, eliminating the need for constant paging. The loading icon quickly appears at bottom when new content is loading.

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