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5.0 – Is Pocket News Portal Registration is Free?  

No! Pocket News Agency Portal required Business Account with Advance Payment to login and view the press release, articles, stories and so on as we are not funded by any politicians but seeking support from public advertising and organisation. Pocket News believes that in order to remain independent of political interests, getting the subscribe is the only way.


5.1 – How to add Pocket News Bookmark Apps on IOS & Android? 

Your iOS or Android Home Screen isn’t just for Apps. Now you can put your beloved Pocket News Bookmarks on your Home Screen too, creating with just one-tap shortcuts to your favourite Pocket News. 


5.2 Is there a Mobile Apps for Pocket News? 

No. There is no Mobile Apps for now. But as we grow, we will develop apps for both iOS and Android platform. Stay tune with us. For now you can use our Bookmark Apps which are available on iOS and Android, so that you can easily access to our portal. 


5.3 – Pocket News Mirrors Site?

Pocket News does not have any mirrors site. Do not visit and enter your Pocket News Username and Password to any other websites that are similar to the Pocket News Website to avoid phishing. Please do report such sites to Pocket News Images immediately if you found out the similar site to Pocket News Images. You may sent us such website’s link directly to [email protected]


5.4 – Pocket News Domains Owned? 

The following domains are owned by Pocket News and JSC Studio.



5.5 – How do I Contact Sales?

Please contact Pocket News Images Sales at [email protected].

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