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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



3.0 – Downloads Press Release

For the Press Release it will be in PDF Format. You may Right Click and Save As to Download the PDF File. (Only for Subscription Users)


3.1 – Download Articles and Others Files

For Articles, Stories and Other Files, you may select the item, then click the Download Button and/or You may Right Click and Save As to Download the PDF File. (Only for Subscription Users)


3.2 – I Downloaded an Item but Could’t Find it

It’s depends on the Web Browser that you are using:

Internet Explorer: Always prompts you to specify a directory each time you download.

Firefox: Downloads are automatically saved to the download directory specified in Firefox’s Preferences. Edit this preference to save your downloads in a different location.

During a download, a small window appears that lists your current and previous downloads. Right-click an item from the list to open the directory where downloads are saved. This is helpful in locating the download directory if you have not specified it.

Chrome: Creates a download directory, ChromeDownload, on the C: drive.

Safari: By default, downloads are saved on the desktop. However, you can specify a download directory via Safari’s Preferences.


3.3 – How Can I Use The Content I Download?

Your allowable use of downloaded content is stated in your agreement with the Pocket News.


3.4 – My Organization has Downloaded the same Item Twice?

Your agreement with Pocket News has gives you unlimited download and will not be charged for it. If you are not sure, please contact your Sales Representative.


3.5 – Can I Download Multiple Items at Once?

Select multiple items and then click Download.


3.6 – Why Can’t I Download Items?

You may not be entitled to download this type of content. Please contact Customer Support to verify your access and/or correctly set up your account.


3.7 – Tracking of My Organizations Downloads?

Browse through the Order History Page. Your organizations orders are arranged by the order number in descending order; the most recent orders are at the top of the list.

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