KUALA LUMPUR, July 29 – FedEx Corp. has unveiled an innovative tool, FedEx® Sustainability Insights (FSI), designed to provide customers in select Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa (AMEA) markets with emissions information on their shipments within the FedEx network. This new tool allows customers to measure the carbon footprint of their shipments, enabling them to enhance transparency in their sustainability reporting and make informed decisions to reduce their environmental impact.

Developed by FedEx Dataworks, FSI leverages near-real-time FedEx network data to estimate CO2e emissions. Customers gain access to emissions data for individual tracking numbers, as well as historical data for their accounts. The tool displays information on the mode of transport, service type, and country or territory for all eligible FedEx Express® shipments, providing valuable insights for reporting purposes and future planning.

As sustainability takes center stage as a strategic priority for businesses, FedEx® Sustainability Insights empowers customers to gain visibility into emissions within their supply chains. The tool supports reporting efforts and facilitates strategic decision-making to drive sustainable practices. Kawal Preet, President of Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region at FedEx Express, emphasized the growing importance of environmental stewardship and transparent sustainability reporting.

He highlighted that consumers now consider sustainability when making e-commerce purchases, making it crucial for businesses to address these expectations. By offering direct access to emissions data, FedEx® Sustainability Insights equips customers with the information they need to meet consumer demands and advance their own sustainability initiatives. The introduction of FedEx® Sustainability Insights aligns with FedEx’s ongoing commitment to achieving carbon-neutral operations by 2040.

The company is actively pursuing various strategies, including the electrification of pickup and delivery vehicles, the optimization of facilities, fuels, and fleets, and investments in natural carbon capture. By providing data-backed predictive insights and modeling, FedEx® Sustainability Insights will contribute to enhancing network efficiency and identifying additional opportunities for sustainability improvements, supporting the company’s goal of carbon neutrality.

FedEx continues to drive sustainable practices and empower its customers to make a positive impact on the environment. With the launch of FedEx® Sustainability Insights, FedEx is reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and fostering a greener future for businesses and communities across the AMEA region.

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